Finding Your Destiny Christy Johnson

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Staff Personal Impact Statements

Since September 10, 2013 I have not been the same due to losing my loving, caring, smart, and outgoing daughter Destiny.
Who also was my best friend as well. I have not had many good days or nights as well as peaceful night’s sleep.

My life has changed dramatically and I promise you I will get Justice for you. I am now your advocate because I realize you were a victim of domestic violence that was afraid, abused, brainwashed, bullied, threatened, and murdered.

You are now safe with GOD The Most High and your brother who will protect you, guide you, and who will assist me in getting Justice for you. I pray that you understand the abuse was not your fault; and that you become an advocate in Heaven to guide others who were murdered because of domestic violence.

I promise you that the Domestic Violence Shelter that is dedicated to you; will help, protect, guide, and save as many teen girls and women lives around the world.

Remember you were and still are loved by me, your dad, and sister. We will cherish every memory we had with you. I am a fighter and I will fight for the many others who are in need.

Just remember that Heaven has gained an Angel with the biggest heart and much love for people. I will start again to enjoy sleep and gain peace again but you will never disappear from my heart.

Now I promise to be your hands and feet to help those who are struggling to help themselves.

Love always and forever,


As a mother there are no words, reasons, or conclusions to seeing your daughter dead from Domestic Violence. Destiny was a wonderful daughter; she was loving, caring, and outgoing. She loved everybody and treated them the way she wanted to be treated. Then the devil disguised as a loving boyfriend; turned her world upside down by mental abuse, social abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, stalking, threats, physical harm, and financial abuse.

I am now a Domestic Violence Advocate for the shelter I opened in honor of my loving daughter Destiny. Destiny will always be loved, talked about, shared with others, and most of all you will make a difference in the lives of the women and teen girls who receive special help in your name.

I will see you again and we will hold hands, shop, eat, talk, laugh, and drink coffee together; like we did when you were here on earth. Now that you are in HEAVEN; don’t give up on the work you wanted to do on earth. Reach your goals and milestones because you are DESTINY and your DESTINY is yours to define!
Love always, MOM

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