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Destiny’s murderer Jerome Arnold has committed another murder. Jerome murdered Lisa Studley of Maryland as well as Destiny Johnson. This is why, as citizens, we need better Judges and Prosecutors to enforce the laws for murderers.

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My Name is Destiny. I Was A Victim Of Domestic Violence. Now I Am In Heaven!

Welcome Statement

Finding Your Destiny, Inc. Domestic Violence Shelter & Suicide Prevention, is an organization that understands hurt and pain caused by domestic violence and suicide. Our daughter, at the age of 19, was murdered and hung in her closet to frame her as committing suicide. Domestic Violence she experienced included: verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, isolation, stalking, sexual cohesion, and threats of physical harm to herself and family.

This is said to inform everyone that this organization is 100% dedicated to helping you in every aspect of your journey to safety and recovery. No person will be judged. We restore self-esteem, integrity, hope, and changes futures by removing the masks that abuse and violence put on a person.

All persons will be loved and treated with Integrity, Respect, and Empathy. We love and enjoy our journey of helping those reach their Destiny!

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This shelter is a Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) Charitable Organization
Finding Your Destiny, Incorporated (Domestic Violence Shelter & Suicide Prevention)

Who We Are

Finding Your Destiny, Incorporated Domestic Violence Shelter & Suicidal Prevention Organization is an organization that serves people who have been touched by domestic violence and suicidal ideations, bullying, and discrimination. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of women, men, children, and teens who are committed to positive change.

Finding Your Destiny, Inc. is dedicated to healing broken hearts, minds, and souls through Christian Counseling and other interventions needed to heal their wounds. Finding Your Destiny’s core values display: Integrity, Respect, and Empathy for all. This organization is the pathway to overcoming the past and providing Hope to their future.

We have a personal message for women struggling with these issues, “God loves you and you have not completed your Destiny. There is so much potential you have not explored yet, and Finding Your Destiny is here to help you in every aspect of your life.” Finding Your Destiny honors futures free of abuse.


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Women With The Issue of Blood

Date: Saturday, April 15, 2017
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Christy Johnson will speak at
#BlackCEOLondonTour - AUG 10 & 11, 2017

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[Washington, D.C.] Christy Johnson, Executive Director, FINDING YOUR DESTINY, INC. will be introduced by the Founder of Black CEO London Tour, during a two-day conference planned for Thursday, August 10 & Friday, August 11, 2017, in London, England.
Ms. Johnson, an International Motivational Speaker / Advocate, will present the mission and vision of FINDING YOUR DESTINY, INC. and her new book, "FROM RATTLE TO RECOVERY The Faces of Domestic Violence" – sharing how she became directly involved with Domestic Violence through the unfortunate loss of her daughter, Destiny, at the young age of nineteen years old.

From Rattled to Recovery

Christy Johnson is the President/Founder of FINDING YOUR DESTINY, INC., a Nonprofit Domestic Violence and Suicide Prevention Organization. She is a Domestic Violence Advocate, Domestic Violence Expert, International Motivational Speaker, and Human Rights Activist for the mistreated and abused. Her goals are to serve all races and sexes no matter their orientation.

Christy Johnson’s book is dedicated to bringing awareness to Domestic Violence in London and is a gift of knowledge and data to educate communities in London, England and the United States. The book includes listings of various shelters and counseling locations where one can go to seek help… Hotlines for rape victims as well as Suicide Prevention Hotlines for those affected by Domestic Violence and other forms of abuse.

Christy will share her speech during the Black CEO London Tour LIVE on Facebook Live and on YouTube. You may send a text message on Social Media platforms Facebook / Twitter / Youtube. You are encouraged to share #BlackCEOTour/Finding Your Destiny to help spread the word of the conference.
She is the host of “The Destiny Show” on Tuesday Evenings at 7:00 PM EST on Facebook Live and is regularly converted to Be sure to tune in to hear and see the very informative podcast.


Christy Johnson is the President/Founder of Finding Your Destiny, Inc., a Nonprofit Domestic Violence and Suicide Prevention Organization. She is a Domestic Violence Advocate, Domestic Violence Expert, International Motivational Speaker, Author and Human Rights Activist for the mistreated and abused. Her goals are to serve all races and sexes no matter their orientation.
Christy’s goals through societal transparency are to empower, transform, and rebuild the lives of women, men and teen girls affected by Domestic Violence and other forms of abuse; through Finding Your Destiny, Inc. while using GOD'S word to teach about Domestic Violence, Suicide, and Love.

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As a Christian Organization, our core values speak to the hearts of every person in need. Integrity, Empathy, & Respect is how we incorporate God and how we treat every victim seeking shelter and resources. Finding Your Destiny does not allow a victim to believe she/he is responsible for their partner's abuse, action, or behaviors.
On September 10, 2013, Christy’s daughter Destiny was murdered and hung in her closet at the age of 19, due to domestic violence. Immediately, Christy knew she had to become an advocate for other women, men, and teen girls in dangerous relationships. This was the beginning of Finding Your Destiny Inc. and her dedication to life, healing, happiness, living free from harm, and restoring futures. Christy is dedicated to saving as many lives as possible and through her Organization’s services and her love for others and experiences, she will bring great benefits to the communities at large.
Christy enjoys helping women, men, young children, and teens live better, become successful and empowered individuals. Christy is ensuring that all individuals become empowered by being a Conference Presenter, International Motivational Speaker, Domestic Violence Advocate (Expert), Teacher, Workshop Presenter, and Creator of The Destiny Show (Radio Show) dedicated to giving a voice to Survivors of Domestic Violence.
The show has upgraded to helping women see in plain sight, the men they were attracted to. In return, the show allows men who are former abusers tell reasons why they abused women in their past. Christy Johnson will not give up on anyone, because she believes in people reaching their fulfilled Destiny!


Christy will address the topic of Domestic Violence to the audience of community leaders, mentors, and men who meet regularly [twice per month] to discuss ways to help their community and families. Q & A and Book Signing of "FROM RATTLE TO RECOVERY The Faces of Domestic Violence"
BE THERE MAGAZINE – Washington, D.C.
Christy was recently interviewed by Russell Price, CEO, BE THERE MAGAZINE – Washington, D.C.
You can click the link to hear the full interview:

Christy Johnson, International Editor & Reporter – Please refer to the link- Go to Page 10
The National Black Unity News

Looking Ahead... Oct. 6, 2017

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Finding Your Destiny

For more information: Christy Johnson, Director –
Finding Your Destiny, Inc.- Domestic Violence & Suicide Prevention
Domestic Violence Advocate & Human Rights Advocate
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