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Take Action: #LoveCantWait Any Longer for Marriage Equality

We're at a critical point for marriage equality – we've made historic progress, but countless
loving, committed, same-sex couples still do not have the right to legally marry. We won't rest until we achieve full marriage equality because #LoveCantWait!

As the Supreme Court takes up the issue of marriage equality once and for all, we must voice our overwhelming support for Jim Obergefell and the rest of the brave plaintiffs who’ve sacrificed so much to get us to this point. Right now, we have an opportunity to show the world that America is ready for this!

Please sign HRC's #LoveCantWait petition below — and show that you believe that marriage equality should be legal in ALL 50 states.


Millions of Americans are currently waiting in limbo for the right to be married in their home states. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans believe in marriage equality, it is still unavailable and unrecognized in many states.

I believe that every couple in America has the right to marry, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. And I stand with HRC in fighting for marriage equality now -- and for as long as it takes.

I strongly believe that all Americans are created equal and should therefore be entitled to marry whom they love. Couples and families should not be left to suffer from the heartbreak that results from same-sex marriage bans.

These marriage bans affect real lives, real families. How much longer must Americans suffer -- prevented from the equal right to marry whom they love?

I am pledging my support to join the millions of others who firmly believe that the time for marriage equality -- the time for fairness -- is now.

Christy Johnson
United States

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