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There Is A
Way Out

Professional Counseling Services

Supportive, Educated, Dedicated, & Determined Counselors ready to heal hearts, minds, and souls through interventions for saving lives and restoring hope. Everyone will be treated with love and respect.

Caring Domestic Violence and Suicide Prevention Experts

Counseling Services

We provide unlimited help and resources to those experiencing domestic violence and suicidal ideations. Our knowledgeable staff provides counseling the following counseling:

  • Domestic Violence Counseling and the importance of signs and motives of a violent person. This includes teaching them about the physical, controlling, and verbal language indicators of an abusive person.
  • Bereavement Counseling- To assist in coping ways to grieve properly and in a healthy way.
  • Suicide Prevention- Strategies to staying safe and creating new thinking patterns to staying alive and receiving the proper treatments needed to restore your future.
  • Christian Counseling- Teaching ways to seek help from a higher power. Building a new relationship with your “master of your faith.”
  • Crisis Intervention- An advocate is available 24-hrs a day to assist in any crisis emergency.
  • Community Referrals- Outreach services to other organization for assistance and needed interventions.
  • Bullying Counseling- Teaches the hard and outs of bullying because bullying is another form of abuse. Bullying is a crime and it also disrespects the value of a persons’ life.
  • Dietitian & Nutritional Counseling- Healthy ways of eating and staying healthy during trauma and abusive.
  • Educational Services- Creating a new career to go with the new you.

Counseling Services
Help abused victims get the assistance they need to improve their quality of life. When a woman is in a domestic or suicidal situation and the police are called, we are your advocate. If you see something; please report it. You are saving a life.

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